Our Mission

Our Mission is to close equity gaps throughout Los Angeles’ urban forest and facilitate the preservation, protection and growth of South LA’s tree canopy through progressive advocacy and community-based efforts.

Tree Canopy Equity

South Los Angeles communities are losing the equity battle when it comes to trees. Join the South LA Tree Coalition in closing the equity gap and protecting our urban forest tree canopy.

Access Resources

To learn more about local tree equity conditions and issues, visit our Resources page to stay up to date on the latest reports, findings, tools and more.


Interested in joining or supporting the Coalition? For more ways to get involved, donate, sponsor or volunteer,
visit our GET INVOLVED page and join the movement!

Saving Cornelius Johnson’s Olympic Oak

Saving Cornelius Johnson’s Olympic Oak

Real estate developers have drawn a bullseye around many of the most historic neighborhoods in Los Angeles, where they are displacing working class tenants,...

Official UNNC Tree Policy Report

Official UNNC Tree Policy Report

The development of the official UNNC Tree Policy was a collaborative effort that started early in the development process. The main goal of the policy was to...

South LA Trees’ Robin Gilliam speaking at LA Parks Foundation event, October 20, 2022

Dronesphere shows the beautiful neighborhood of View Park and its spectacular Palm trees in South LA

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