First Step: Developing an Urban Forest Management Plan for the City of Los Angeles

The First Step report serves as a road map for the development of an urban forest management plan (UFMP) for Los Angeles. Learn more about the City’s urban forestry programs, policies, and associated elements that collectively plan for, and manage, the City’s urban forest.

Urban Forest Equity Assessment

This report provides insights into the City’s urban forest and its management systems, with a special focus on issues of tree equity.

Los Angeles Urban Forest Equity Factsheet

This infographic is based on two reports published by Dr. Vivek Shandas and CAPA Strategies, with support from Cindy Chen, Stoss Landscape Urbanism, TreePeople, City Plants, California Climate Action Corps, and the Los Angeles Urban Forest Equity Collective.

LMU Canopy Project

The Los Angeles County Tree Canopy Basic Viewer is a Loyola Marymount University conservation project that allows you to explore the Existing and Possible Tree Canopy throughout the Los Angeles area, from Parcel to City Level.


This is an inventory of trees within the property managed by the Department of Recreation and Parks. 

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